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The enchanting floating city of Venice is famous for its maze of canals and historic architecture. Once a fisherman's town, beautiful Venice is now a cultural hub and popular cruise destination that is full of majestic churches, impressive palaces and many museums. Visit world-renowned sights such as St Mark's Basilica and Rialto Bridge or take a romantic gondola ride along the Grand Canal. Both gritty and romantic, Venice is a magical city you won't regret cruising to.

Things to do in Venice

St Mark's Square

Also known as Piazza San Marco, the famous square is the largest in the city and is named after St Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

Rialto Bridge

Take in stunning views from the oldest and most famous bridge in Venice which spans across the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal

Lined with beautiful palaces, churches and mansions, the Grand Canal is the main waterway in Venice.

Doge's Palace

Visit the historic palace that was once home to the Doge of Venice. it is a beautiful example of Venetian Gothic architecture.

St Mark's Basilica

Located in the heart of the city, visit St Mark's Basilica which is one of the most famous churches in the world.

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