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Founded in the 8th century, Palermo is the capital city of the Italian island of Sicily. Famous for its Arab-Norman architecture, grand historic buildings, and relaxing beaches, Palermo is a popular stop on a Mediterranean cruise and is one of Italy's most romantic destinations. Located on a peaceful bay and natural harbour, the city has a bustling atmosphere, and delicious culinary traditions, and is a cultural hotspot and hub for opera and music. Watch the opera at one of Europe's largest opera houses the Teatro Massimo or visit the mummified remains of nearly 8,000 people at Capuchin Catacombs for an unforgettable and extraordinary experience. Being one of the most colourful Mediterranean cities, Palermo is the perfect mix of the city and sea and makes an incredible cruise destination.

Things to do in Palermo

Palazzo dei Normanni

Dating back to the 9th century, the Royal Palace of Palermo once served the kings of Sicily. It is now the home of the Sicilian parliament.

Quattro Canti/Piazza Vigliena

Also referred to as the Four Corners, the famous Quattro Canti is a baroque square located at the heart of the city, known for its octagon appearance.

Cattedrale di Palermo

Built in 1184, visit the beautiful Cathedral of Palermo which is referred to as a treasure to Norman architecture in Sicily.

Teatro Massimo

Completed in 1877, this beautiful and elegant opera house is the largest in Italy, learn about the theatres history and architecture.

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