Sorrento Cruises

Sorrento Cruises

Located in southern Italy on the bay of Sorrentine Peninsula and perched on a cliff along Italys Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is a beautiful town that offers extraordinary views of the Mediterranean and the sea. Famous for its pretty piazzas, lemon trees and stunning scenery, a cruise to Sorrento is the perfect way to experience the beauty and charm of this picturesque coastal town. Explore the cafes and restaurants at Piazza Tasso or take a boat trip out to the beautiful island of Capri. With delicious cuisine, cobblestoned streets, and charming shops and boutiques, a cruise is a perfect way to experience this beautiful region of Italy.

Things to do in Sorrento

Piazza Tasso

Named after the poet Torquato Tasso, visit the main square of Sorrento, which is surrounded by charming cafes, restaurants and shops.

Basilica of Sant'Antonino

Dating back to the 9th century, visit the Basilica of Sant'Antonino which is famous for its beautiful frescoes and sculptures.


Just a short boat ride away, explore the beautiful island of Capri and take in some stunning views of the coastline.

Cathedral of Sorrento

Built in the 11th century, visit the Cathedral of Sorrento which was dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

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