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Located on the stunning island of Corsica which is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. The charming city of Ajaccio is recognised for its beautiful beaches, picturesque harbour and for being the birthplace of Napoleon. Discover outstanding Italian Renaissance paintings at the Fesch Museum or explore the home which was once Napoleon's birthplace, Maison Bonaparte. With a rich history and laid-back atmosphere, the vibrant city of Ajaccio is the perfect destination to cruise to.

Things to do in Ajaccio

Ajaccio Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-De L'Assomption, visit the cathedral which was built in the 14th Century and where Napoleon was baptised.

Ajaccio Old Town

Explore the historic area of the city. Here you'll find narrow streets, historical buildings and picturesque cafes.

Ajaccio Citadel

Built in the 16th century under the authority of the Genoese Office of Saint George - discover the fortified castle, that sits on a hill overlooking the city.

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