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The 50-mile-long artificial waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama Canal is one of the world's most iconic waterways and is considered one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th century. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casco Viejo, the historical district of Panama City, here you can get a glimpse of the country's rich culture and can try some freshly prepared fish dishes, or visit the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, a Roman Catholic church that is considered one of the most important historical landmarks in the country. From historic architecture to beautiful natural landscapes, a cruise to Panama Canal is an incredible way to experience the man-made engineering marvel and the beauty of Central America.

Things to do in Panama Canal

Casco Viejo

The historic district of Panama City, founded in 1673, you'll find many well-preserved historic buildings and monuments dating back to the colonial era.

The Gatun Locks

A set of three locks on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal, they are considered as one of the most impressive features of the Panama Canal.

Panama City

Discover the capital city of Panama situated at the mouth of Panama Canal, it is a major economical and cultural hub of the country.

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