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Situated in Brazil in South America, Santos (São Paulo) is Latin America's largest port and a buzzing and cosmopolitan metropolis. Visit the Football Museum in the country where football is almost a religion, experience the art in Ibirapuera Park, or go to Museu do Café, one of the main sights of the city of Santos - which aims to preserve and disseminate the history of coffee in Brazil and worldwide. With soaring skyscrapers and an incredible art and cultural scene, Santos (São Paulo) is a brilliant port of call on any South American cruise.

Things to do in Santos (São Paulo)

São Paulo Cathedral

Visit the 20th-century Roman Catholic cathedral which is home to the seat of the Archbishop of São Paulo.

The Football Museum

Take a tour around the museum dedicated to the history of football in Brazil.

Ibirapuera Park

Explore the popular large urban park which is home to art, lakes, gardens and a playground.

Batman's Alley

Explore the open-air art gallery known for its colourful and vibrant street art.

Museu do Café

Take a trip to the famous Coffee Museum that tells the story of coffee production in Brazil.

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