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Vigo is Spain's busiest fishing port and the largest city in the province of Galicia. With a medieval heritage, 45 beautiful beaches, and excellent weather all year round, the charming city of Vigo is a brilliant cruise destination. Visit the fortress Castillo del Castro for some of the best 360-degree views of the city or try some of the city's seafood which is said to be some of the best in Spain due to the area's unique microclimate. From daily fish markets and buzzing nightlife to Celtic ruins in the Old Town, you won't regret taking a cruise to Vigo.

Things to do in Vigo

Castelo do Castro

Originally built in 1665 to protect the city from attacks from the British Navy, this hilltop fortress has some of the best views over the city.

Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vigo

The Cathedral of Vigo was built in 1811 and is located in Vigo's Old Town. It is one of the best examples of religious architecture in Vigo.

Playa de Samil Beach

Unwind at Vigo's most famous beach, more than half a mile long here you'll find swimming pools, cafes and restaurants.

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