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One of the four main islands of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is famous for its nightclubs, parties and visits by celebrities. Although known for its party lifestyle, Ibiza has so much more to offer and is also a beautiful island and cruise destination. With soft sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons, and a gorgeous Balearic coastline, Ibiza is a stunning island full of hidden gems. Explore the hidden cave system at Cova De Can Marça which was once used by pirates, taste some sangria and delicious seafood at a beachfront restaurant, or take a visit to the historic old town Dalt Vila and discover Ibizas rich archaeological sites. From secluded islets and coves to breathtaking sunsets, Ibiza is full of rich history, natural beauty and sea views, you won't regret taking a cruise there.

Things to do in Ibiza

Dalt Vila

Ibiza's old town dates back to the Renaissance. A UNESCO World Heritage site, here you'll find stone walls, museums and beautiful churches.

Eivissa Castle

The hilltop Castle of Ibiza is located in Ibiza's old town, it is argued to be the heart and main sight of the Island.

La Salinas

With soft golden sands, crystal clear waters and beach bars, La Salinas is thought to be the most iconic of all Ibiza's beaches

Es Vedrà

A small rocky island off the coast of Ibiza, relax and watch the sunset here at one of the most iconic views of the island.

Cova De Can Marça

Discover Ibiza's unique 1,000 year old underground cave that was originally used by smugglers to store contraband.

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