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Situated on an island in the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi the 'Land of the Gazelle' is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Once a small and traditional fishing village, Abu Dhabi has been transformed into a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis - renowned for its high-end luxury. Home to ancient forts, skyscrapers, gold-sand beaches and some of the biggest mosques in the world, Abu Dhabi is a city of contrasts. Make a deal at the local bazaar, travel by camel through the desert or visit the shimmering and iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. From presidential palaces and ornate sights to high-end shopping and fine dining, Abu Dhabi is a thriving capital city rooted in traditions and history and makes a spectacular cruise destination.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Take a visit to one of the largest mosques in the world, the ornate mosque is known for its 82 domes, four minarets and for having a beautiful courtyard.

Yas Island

Take a trip to the man-made island which is home to a wide range of attractions such as Yas Waterworld, Yas Marina Circuit and Yas Marina.

Emirates Palace

Take a tour around the famous luxury hotel which is known for its opulent architecture such as gold-plated chandeliers and mosaic tilework.

Louvre Abu Dhabii

Opened to the public in 2017, discover a collection of art and artefacts from all over the world at the first Louvre museum outside of France.

Qasr Al Watan

Also known as the Palace of the Nation, explore the working presidential palace and discover the rich tradition that shapes UAE.

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