Suez Canal Cruises

Built in 1869 to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, the Suez Canal is one of the most important waterways in the world. As you travel along the 100-mile canal that separates two continents, you’ll pass through some of Egypt's most impressive and wondrous sights. Take a look out to the Suez Canal Bridge which connects the cities of Ismailia and Port Said, gaze in awe at the beautiful Coptic Orthodox Church which is the main Christian church in Egypt, or take a visit to the Ismailia Museum and learn about the history of the Suez Canal and its surrounding area. From canal-side cities to desert landscapes, on a cruise to the Suez Canal, you'll be in complete fascination.

Things to do in Suez Canal

The Suez Canal Bridge

Also known as the Mubarak Peace Bridge, discover the bridge that connects the cities of Ismailia and Port Said.

Coptic Orthodox Church

Take a visit to one of the oldest Christian denominations in the world and the main Christian church in Egypt.

The Ismailia Museum

Situated in the city of Ismailia, take a visit to the museum and learn the history and culture of the local area and the Suez Canal.

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