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Also known as the 'Land of Light', Skagen is a rugged fisherman's town in the northern part of Denmark, famous for its unique sunlight and natural beauty. With mile-long white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking landscapes and a maritime history that dates back to the early Middle Ages, Skagen makes an incredible cruise destination. Walk across the largest moving dune in Northern Europe - the Dune of Råbjerg Mile, or discover the artworks by some of the most famous artists associated with Skagen at the Skagen Art Museum. From brightly painted yellow houses to windswept beaches, Skagen is surrounded by a number of historical landmarks and natural surroundings to explore.

Things to do in Skagen

The Skagen Lighthouse

Dating back to the 19th century, visit the Skagen Lighthouse and take in some incredible panoramic views of the surrounding area.


Denmark's most northerly point, you can paddle with a foot in the Baltic Sea and the other in the North Sea.

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