Terms & Conditions

Here you can find our terms & conditions that apply when booking a cruise with us.


1.1 The passenger names given at the time of booking have been confirmed by you.

1.2 The spelling of the first name, middle name, and surname must match your passport exactly. 

1.3 Any changes will result in a charge to you from the cruise or tour operator (see cruise line terms and conditions). Please contact us as soon as possible.

1.4 If travelling with a child that has a different surname to the adults on the booking, some cruise lines require consent in the form of a notarised letter.


2.1 Please check your specific balance due date which will be displayed on your booking confirmation email and in the My Trip area of our website.


3.1 ABTA licence - we are a member of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) no.78024. This means your money is safe. If you are already on a trip, you will be able to continue as originally planned. ABTA will make sure you are never stranded abroad. In the event of financial collapse of any cruise line, airline, tour operator or any other provider, if you've not yet started your trip, you'll get your money back or where possible ABTA will make arrangements for you to continue with the planned trip.


4.1 All bookings accepted by Seascanner.co.uk and arrangements made are subject to the booking conditions imposed by the principals. The principals are the cruise operators, airlines and any other supplier.

4.2 Your contract is with the principals defined above. All tickets, vouchers and coupons are issued by Seascanner.co.uk in their capacity as Retail Agents for ATOL Holders, upon the express condition that Seascanner.co.uk is not liable to any passenger for loss, damage, delay, injury, cancellation, or any additional expense, suffered by any passenger whatsoever, or any cause beyond Seascanner.co.uk control shall be occasioned by Seascanner.co.uk or any of its officials, agents or representatives.

4.3 The total liability of Seascanner.co.uk shall not exceed the total payment received from the client in respect of any booking.


5.1 Your tickets will be available online approximately 4 weeks before your departure date.

5.2 Instructions on how to download and print your tickets will be on your cruise lines website

5.3 If you have booked any of the following cruise lines, then your tickets will arrive via email or post: MSC, Seabourn


6.1 If you have booked a cabin on a "GUARANTEE" (GTEE or GTY) basis, this means you will be allocated any cabin in the grade booked (where specified) or higher. You will normally receive a specific cabin number when the cruise tickets are issued or at the latest, when you board the ship. All cabins booked through Seascanner could be obstructed or offered with a partial view. Please refer to the cruise line's website for further information on whether or not the cabin you have selected will be obstructed as Seascanner will not be held liable for this.

6.2 If your booking includes any "ONBOARD CREDIT” per cabin or per person, "FREE CAR PARKING, FREE COACH OR RAIL TRANSFERS" these will be specified on the Seascanner.co.uk booking confirmation email.

6.3 Transfers are included (and provided by the cruise) only if you have booked a standard fly/cruise where we have booked both the flight/s & cruise through the cruise line. If your booking is on a "Cruise Only basis", TRANSFERS are not included unless they are specified on the Seascanner.co.uk booking confirmation email.

6.4 Onboard spending money amounts displayed on each cruise line's offers will vary by cruise date and duration booked, and are not combinable with any other offer or discount.


7.1 If you have pre-paid gratuities, these will be specified on the Seascanner.co.uk booking confirmation.

7.2 If your booking confirmation email does not state that you have pre-paid gratuities then you will be subject to the relevant cruise line service charge fees. These fees are typically added to your onboard account and are paid off at the end of your cruise. If you do not wish to pay the service charge that the cruise line has proposed then you will have to speak to the reception once you are onboard your ship.


8.1 Cruise lines require passengers to have comprehensive travel insurance that includes specific cruise cover. Your policy should also include medical cover for COVID-19. Failure to obtain appropriate insurance will result in you being denied boarding by the cruise line


9.1 It is the responsibility of all passengers to have a full valid passport with you when you travel, which is valid for 6 months after the return date. For further information, contact the Passport Office on Tel: 0300 222 0000 or visit https://www.passport.gov.uk/

9.2 If travelling within the EU: Prior to leaving the EU, the UK government issues passports for 10 years plus any extra months of validity left on your old passport. Since leaving the EU, those extra months are no longer valid for travel within the EU, so your issue date becomes more important. To check if your passport is valid for travel within the EU, visit the passport checker provided by the home office: https://check-passport-for-travel-to-europe.homeoffice.gov.uk

9.3 We would strongly recommend visiting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website https://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad for all the latest travel, health and VISA information if you are travelling to a destination outside the EU or the World Travel Guide https://www.worldtravelguide.net.

9.4 It is your sole responsibility to check in plenty of time before your holiday as entry visas or permits may be necessary for certain destinations and it is the responsibility of the individual traveller to obtain. 


10.1 You must inform us prior to booking of any medical conditions, pregnancy or disabilities that could affect your ability to complete your travel arrangements. You must also update us of any changes to your health if they occur prior to your cruise.

10.2 It is especially important to check in plenty of time before your holiday, so please contact your G.P. practice nurse or travel health clinic for relevant health & vaccination requirements for your chosen destinations or check online at https://www.dh.gov.uk/travellers.   


11.1 Your meal sitting & table size (where specified) will have been requested at the time of booking. Please be aware that these are on a request basis and not guaranteed. However, the cruise line will do all they can to accommodate every request.


12.1 Any special requests (where specified) will be passed on to the cruise line at time of booking. Please be aware that these are on a request basis and not guaranteed. However, the cruise line/operator/airline will do all they can to accommodate every request.


13.1 The Cruise Operator/Supplier reserves the right to make any changes to your booking. Please refer to the terms & conditions of the relevant cruise line.

13.2 Seascanner.co.uk reserves the right to make an amendment charge of £25 per person per change in addition to any Cruise Operator/Supplier charges for any voluntary amendments (if the amendment to any component of your trip is even possible - again, please refer to the terms & conditions of the cruise line).


14.1 If you wish to transfer to a new cruise AND it is possible, subject to the terms and conditions of the Cruise Operator/Supplier, the Cruise Operator/Supplier will charge an admin fee.

14.2 In addition to this fee, Seascanner.co.uk will charge an admin fee of £25 per person (or minimum £50 per cabin). 


15.1 Your cruise line deposit & Seascanner.co.uk booking fee/deposit are non-refundable. Your booking fees (not credit card charges) will be waived and any monies paid will reduce your cruise line balance as long as you do not cancel your booking.

15.2 Cancellations incur a Seascanner.co.uk fee of £50 per person.

15.3 Cancellations can only be processed with written or email authorisation from the passengers travelling. If your booking is cancelled Seascanner.co.uk will withdraw any discount given.

15.4 These charges are made in addition to any charge made by your Cruise Operator/Supplier which is detailed in their terms & conditions.

15.5 Any refunds are subject to terms & conditions of your travel insurance policy. Please retain your Seascanner.co.uk booking confirmation, as you will need it if your travel arrangements are protected under a scheme of financial protection and you need to make a claim.

15.6 Any applicable refunds may take a number of weeks to process and are subject to the relevant cruise line providing a refund to Seascanner.co.uk.


16.1 Every effort has been made to ensure all the information on the website is correct, however Seascanner.co.uk cannot be held responsible for any errors and omissions.


17.1 Calls are recorded for training, marketing & quality purposes.