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Situated in Komodo National Park in Indonesia, the exotic Komodo Island is famous for its dramatic landscapes and for being the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon - the world's largest living lizard. Take a tour around Komodo National Park and see the famous giant lizards up close, or take a visit to the stunning Pink Beach, which is one of the few beaches in the world to have a unique and beautiful pink colour sand. With bright blue waters, rugged landscapes and unique wildlife, on a cruise to Komodo Island, there is plenty of adventure to be found.

Things to do in Komodo Island

Komodo National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore Komodo National Park which is home to Komodo dragons, wild boars, deer's and monkeys.

Pink Beach

Here it is the red corals that make the beach and the sand pink, if you fancy diving into the blue water you may see some small colourful fish.

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