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Located on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula and with a population of just a few hundred people, Katakolon is a picturesque fishing village and a popular port of call on any Greek cruise. Known as the gateway to Olympia, take a trip out to the birthplace of the Olympic games and explore the ruins of temples, stadiums and dressing rooms, such as the Temple of Zeus. Or visit the Domaine Mercouri Winery and taste some award-winning wines. From quaint streets and charming squares to ancient sights and the deep blue Ionian Sea, no Greek cruise is complete without a stop at Katakolon.

Things to do in Katakolon


Take a tour around the ancient ruins of Olympia, which was the birthplace of the Olympic games which were held to honour the Greek gods.

Plakes Beach

Unwind and relax at the closest beach to the Ketakolon port, here you'll find crystal clear waters and a quiet beach bar.

Domaine Mercouri Winery

Founded in 1964 by Kostas Mercouri and known for it award-winning wines, take a tour and tasting session around the winery and vineyards.

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