Hong Kong Cruises

Hong Kong Cruises

Situated on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis, famous for its rich culture, dazzling skyline and electric energy. Take a ride on the tram up to Victoria Peak to be rewarded with a magnificent view of Hong Kong, or take a short boat trip over to Macau where you will find the 'Las Vegas of Asia'. From bustling street markets to high-rise buildings, Hong Kong has a unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures and makes an unmissable cruise destination.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Visit one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong, it is dedicated to the god Wong Tai Sin, who is believed to have healing powers.

Victoria Peak

Take a tram ride up to Victoria Peak, where you can take in some incredible 360-degree views of the city and harbour.

Tian Tan Buddha

Also known as 'The Big Buddha' take a visit to the largest Buddha in Hong Kong which stands at 34 meters tall.

Temple Street Night Market

Known for its street food, Chinese goods and lively atmosphere, explore the popular night market which is one of the most famous in Hong Kong.


Take a short boat ride over to Macau, the world's largest gambling centre, here you'll find luxury hotels and casinos.

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