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Situated on the North coast of Jamaica in the parish of Trelawny, the historical town of Falmouth is famous for its well-preserved Georgian architecture and for its role as a major port in the exportation of rum and sugar in the 18th and 19th centuries. Learn about Falmouth's history and culture on The Falmouth Heritage Walk, or visit the natural phenomenon The Luminous Lagoon which waters sparkle and glisten. From exciting cuisine to some of the world's most spectacular wonders, Falmouth is one of Jamaica's most unique locations and makes an incredible cruise destination.

Things to do in Falmouth

The Falmouth Heritage Walk

Walk the tour that showcases the historical and architectural significance of Falmouth, and learn about the sugar industry and its impact on the area.

The Green Grotto Caves

Go on an underground journey as you take a tour around the network of caves that have underground streams and impressive stalactite formations.

The Luminous Lagoon

Discover the glowing body of water which is caused by a natural phenomenon due to it being home to millions of dinoflagellates.

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