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Situated in Southeast Alaska at the northernmost point of the inside passage, Skagway is a small town famous for its gold rush history and beautiful setting. Travel by train along the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway and enjoy some awe-inspiring views of mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and rivers, or take a visit to the Skagway Historical District which is home to many buildings that remain from the gold rush era. With a colourful history and majestic landscapes, Skagway makes an incredible port of call on any Alaskan cruise.

Things to do in Skagway

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitor Center

Take a trip to the national historical park that preserves the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1890s, the park is home to several important sites.

White Pass & Yukon Route Railway

Take a ride on the historic railway that runs between Skagway and Yukon, it is described as one of the worlds most scenic railways.

Red Onion Saloon

Learn about the interesting history of the Red Onion and gold rush era at the historic building which was once a brothel and saloon.

Skagway Historical District

Take a visit to the well-preserved district of Skagway which is home to many significant buildings from the gold rush era.

Skagway Museum

Learn about the people that came to Skagway during the gold rush and the impact on the region at this museum.

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